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Re: Help with events within

        Reply to:   RE>Help with events within eve
> I am trying to figure out how to get one event to be called and processed
> during the handling of another event.
> The current situation I am confronting is as follows:  A certain mouse
> causes the mouse (after the button is up) to be tracked.  When the mouse
> passes over different icons on the screen, I want to have other things

I would try to avoid the problem of events-within-events.
Perhaps the following code helps 

(require "quickdraw")

(setf *track-mouse* t)

(defclass tracked-window (window)

(defmethod window-update-cursor :after ((window tracked-window) point)
  (when *track-mouse*
    (ccl::line-to window point)))

(make-instance 'tracked-window)

> All help is greatly appreciated.

You're welcome