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Does MCL run under new MAE on Suns/HPs?

My latest MacWarehouse catalog has a full-page ad for 
MAE, the Mactinosh Application Environment by Apple, which
will run on HP9000 series 700 under HP-UX 9.0
or later; Sun SPARC w. Solaris 2.3 or later, X 11R4 or later,
Motif or Open Look; 16MB RAM  (32MB recommended) 16MB HD,
22MB recommended.  All for $429.

It is supposed to run all Mac applications, no problems.

Does MAE really work?  How many compatibility problems are there?
What about Inits and the like?

And most of all, does it run MCL?

   Bob Futrelle

PS:  Gee, maybe I could run SoftPC or SoftWindows on it!

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