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I'll ask the terminator once more...

Thanks for more information on the crashing MCL application in
PowerPC. I'll forward your replies to the terminator and ask once
more if he could put it in the archieves.
The archive guy was really angry that the demo was 'only' 2MB and 
"took minutes, not seconds as usually" to start, as he said. 
Hey, what's wrong with Lisp applications...this episode brings in
mind the discussion on MCL tree-shakers to strip unused features
to make the application smaller. I think there is a really need for
such a device, if MCL applications ever want to get into popular
He was also overhelmed to see the Apple copyrights on the about
menu. But the license agreement instructs not to remove them, so 
this is one more problem thinking about popular MCL applications. 
How can you demonstrate them if you cannot put them in public