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Minimal environment for programming with MCL

Hello world,

I plan to buy a Mac for programming with Mac Common Lisp and would like to
know what you assume as minimal hardware requirements for this task.

Esp. I'd like to know if a LC 475 (68LC040, 25 Mhz, 80 MByte Harddisk) with
8 MByte RAM is okay. If not, how should I ``tune'' it:
a) more memory (how much?)
b) i  faster processor
   ii math. coprocessor
c) bigger harddisk

Any advice greatly appreciated,

Michael Wein                    Research assistant
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

DFKI Saarbruecken GmbH  email: wein@dfki.uni-sb.de
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3    phone: ++49 (0)681/3025302
D-66123 Saarbruecken    fax:   ++49 (0)681/3025341