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Re: SND resources

        Reply to:   RE>SND resources
> do some animation while the sound plays in the background.

  you need to do ASYNCHRONOUS sound play.  the best way to do this
  is to open your sound channel at startup (and leave it open) and then 
  call your SndPlay function whenever you need to.  Pass a t argument 
  to the SndPlay function as the asynch arg (the last argument i think).

-Steve Casner

Date: 5/31/1994 2:15 PM
To: Steve Casner
From: Stephen Kent Owens
I've patched together some code to play SND resources.  The problem is that
while the sound is playing, nothing else can happen.  It would be nice if
I could do some animation while the sound plays in the background.  Any clue
how to do this?

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