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Using TCP in Lisp

We would like to do some distributed problem solving using tcp connections
in MCL. TCP related stuff instead of the eval-server in order not to be
bounded by macs or even Lisp. A typical application would be that our
classification problem solver runs in MCL on a mac and gets its data from
another process on another machine.

Given the mac-tcp File in the libray we managed by explorative programming
to get a connection between two macs by using %tcp-passive-open one one mac
and using %tcp-active-open on the other and communicate data by
telnet-write-line an telnet-write-line.

Unfortunately we only have a very basic understanding of using TCP and got
this by a long period of trial and error. Does anybody have pointers to a
documentation and/or example code using tcp on the macintosh or even in

any hints welcome.