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Re: fast string and number output to a stream

In article <poeck-030694163421@wi6a65.informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de> poeck@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de (Karsten Poeck) writes:

   Kaveh) wrote:

   > What is the fastest way of writing strings and numbers to a stream?  None
   > of the ways I have tried seems to be much faster than simply using format.
   For Strings
   (defun save-a-string (string function value stream)
     (declare (ignore stream))
     (dovector (char string)
       (when (char= char #\")
	 (funcall function value #\\))
       (funcall function value char)

   (defun save-a-string-to-an-open-stream (string stream)
       (a b)
       (stream-writer stream)
       (save-a-string string a b stream)))

   ;(save-a-string-to-an-open-stream "ddddd" *standard-output*)

   I have something like this for fixnums too, but you might as well call
   print-object for numbers

Fixnums are pretty easy, but floats are a bit harder.  I have some code
that does pretty well for floats.

Another thing to try is FORMATTER.  In some Lisp's, like Allegro, it's
really just a call to format, but in MCL it looks like its trying to do the
right thing.  I haven't timed it though.

You should also try WRITE.

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