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Re: Lisp/Applescript question

At  1:23 PM 6/9/94 -0400, Henry Lieberman wrote:
>I have a quick [?] question I hope you could answer:
>How do you send an Apple Event in Apple Script code?
>We can't find the syntax for doing so in the Apple Script Language Guide.

That's because it's not in there. ;)  I've attached a script which does
that.  Unfortunately, I can't review it here because I don't have AScript
Open it and click on "Project Script".  Anyhow, it's something like

tell application "MCL" <<event 'usermood'>> with property:<<mood>>:"Happy"

which will send lisp and event of type 'user' class 'mood' with a keyword
property mood which contains the string "happy"...

the << and >> are chevron(?) characters which are option-[ and ] respectively.

Let me know if this helps.

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