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Re: Macintosh Common Lisp

>   I've been told that there is a possibility of Apple porting
>Macintosh Common Lisp to the PowerPC if sufficient interest is
>shown.   One of the people at Apple who might be able to influence
>this decision is Ike Nassi (nassi@applelink.apple.com).
>   If you have an interest in seeing MCL on the PowerMac, you might
>want to send e-mail supporting the port.
>Dan Neiman
>Distributed AI Lab

Just to set the record straight, we've received PLENTY of e-mail expressing
support for MCL.  I don't know that another deluge will make our jobs any
easier or make any stronger statement of support than we've already received.

We are working VERY hard to ensure a positive future for MCL.  Both the
e-mails we've already received, as well as our internal projects that use MCL
are a strong motivation in this direction.

I hope that we will have something more definitive to announce in the near
future.  Until then, please be patient and keep your eye on this newsgroup.

Best regards,

Rick Fleischman
MCL Product Manager
Apple Computer, Inc.