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Re: (room) side effects

In article <2tag0j$p3t@anaxagoras.ils.nwu.edu>,
allender@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu (Allender ) wrote:

> We are trying to uncover the nature of a weird side-effect.  We
> have a large image that was built using MCL 2.0.1, Wood and Oodles
> of Utils.  The image was created on a Quadra 800.  The image
> runs well enough on the 800 and on my FX.  It often runs just
> fine on our Quadra 950.  Recently, the image (which has not
> been altered) started acting "cranky" on the Quadra 950.  
> If I type (room) before starting up my multimedia program, it runs
> fine.  If I don't, I get gworld allocation errors.

I've seen things like this before, too, Laura. Probably your mac heap
starts out small, and you ask for a bunch of memory during your startup and
(for some reason) it can't grow the mac heap to accomodate you. I usualy
set the mac heap to be pretty big as one of my first actions. Start up your
stuff and see how big it is. Then do a (set-mac-heap-size x) to make it
nearly that big when you start. That function is defined in qt-objects,