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Re: (room) side effects

Jeff Lind (lind@ils.nwu.edu) wrote:
: In article <2tag0j$p3t@anaxagoras.ils.nwu.edu>,
: allender@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu (Allender ) wrote:

: > We are trying to uncover the nature of a weird side-effect.  We
: > have a large image that was built using MCL 2.0.1, Wood and Oodles
: > of Utils.  The image was created on a Quadra 800.  The image
: > runs well enough on the 800 and on my FX.  It often runs just
: > fine on our Quadra 950.  Recently, the image (which has not
: > been altered) started acting "cranky" on the Quadra 950.  
: > 
: > If I type (room) before starting up my multimedia program, it runs
: > fine.  If I don't, I get gworld allocation errors.

: I've seen things like this before, too, Laura. Probably your mac heap
: starts out small, and you ask for a bunch of memory during your startup and
: (for some reason) it can't grow the mac heap to accomodate you.
Perhaps the Apple people could say what happens when more space is
needed for the Mac Heap.  What is done to move space over from the
Lisp heap and when might that fail (besides there not being enough
space in the Lisp heap)?