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Re: number of arguments

At 12:17 PM 6/14/94 -0500, Doug Currie, Flavors Technology, Inc. wrote:
>A colleague asks:
>>Do you know if the maximum number of arguments to MCL functions is
>>defined somewhere? I was converting a list to a vector after finishing
>>the list manipulation. I was just trying to save memory space.
>>   (length (apply #'vector (make-list 1000)))
>>works fine, but when it goes around 8000, I get strange results.

lambda-parameters-limit -> #x2000 (or 8192) in MCL.  See CLtL2, page 83.
call-arguments-limit (page 147) and multiple-values-limit (page 182)
have the same value.

>>Sometimes, I get a "too many args" lisp error.
>>Most of the time, it just kills the Mac.
>I have checked the MCL Reference and cannot find any implementation
>specifics on &rest args or maximum number of arguments. Anybody know?
>I do know that
> (apply #'vector lst)
> == (make-array (list (length lst)) :element-type t :initial-contents lst)
>but I'm still curious about the maximum number of arguments to MCL functions.