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Re: Bug in encode-universal-time?

In article <vogtCrCtD9.GM9@netcom.com>, vogt@netcom.com (Christopher J. Vogt) wrote:

>I'm having a little trouble with encode-universal-time.  Sometimes it
>seems to return a bogus value.  I'm runing version 2.0.1 on a Quadra 700.
>When I run the code fragment below, at random times it will print out
>18446743950619618816 as the encoded time.  Help?

Hmm, yes. You wouldn't be running System 7.1 by any chance, would you?
All my timing functions based on 'get-universal-time' (they didn't
need to be accurate, just rough and ready) went weird since I moved
to System 7.1 - whatever it's giving back, it sure as hell isn't
seconds. I've had to crawl through large chunks of code changing
everything to use 'get-internal-real-time' or 'get-internal-run-time'.


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