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How to reach APDA

At  5:47 AM 6/15/94 +0000, Rick Taube wrote:
 >> Please get the 2.0->2.0.1 upgrade, either from our anonymous
 >> ftp site for free (cambridge.apple.com:/pub/MCL2/patches/)
 >> or from APDA (1-800-282-APDA). MCL 2.0 owners can ask for
 >> part R0561LL/A ($25.00), and get the MCL 2.0.1 cdrom.
 >Can someone please post a local (non 800) number for APDA? It's impossible
 >to call an 800 number from Germany.  FAX and email address would also be

APDA can be reached through many international offices. In Germany, try:

Thilo Bretschneider
Promo GmbH
Waterloohain 6-8
D-22769 Hamburg, Germany
Applelink: GER.APDA
Internet: GER.APDA@applelink.apple.com
phone: 49-40-43-13-60-66
fax:   49-40-43-13-60-60

* Where can I buy MCL?

MCL is available from the Apple Programmers and Developers Association
(APDA). To order MCL, and to get a free catalog featuring over 300 other
Apple programming products, contact:

        Apple Computer, Inc
        20525 Mariani Ave.
        Cupertino, CA 95014

        800-282-APDA (800-282-2732), toll-free in the USA
        800-637-0029, toll-free in Canada
        716-871-6555, international
        716-871-6511, fax

        APDA    (Applelink)
        APDA@applelink.apple.com        (internet)
        A.DEVELOPER3    (GEnie)
        76666,2405      (Compuserve)
        APDA Sale       (America Online)

MCL is also available from APDA programs in many countries. Contact your
local Apple office for more information.

MCL is also available from SFA (Software Frameworks Association, formerly
called MADA), an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting
the use of object technology in software development. Several levels of
membership are available. SFA members may purchase MCL at a special
discount. For more information, please contact SFA at:

        Software Frameworks Association
        Suite 202-B
        10062 Miller Ave.
        Cupertino, CA 95014

        408-253-2765 (phone)
        408-253-2767 (fax)
        FRAMEWORKS@applelink.apple.com (email)