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Re: sequence-dialog-item type-in search?

> Hi folks,
> I would like to implement a sequence-dialog-item subclass which
> will behave like the one in the standard open file dialog, 
> so that when you type some characters it will automatically
> scroll to, and select, the cell whose name starts with the
> given characters.
> It isn't that simple I suppose, because you need to account
> for delays between typed characters etc.
> To be even nastier, I would like to have two of these inside a
> single dialog. It would seem to me that the one which has the
> cursor on it at any given time should be the one responding
> to the type-in. Or does this make Apple Human Interface
> Guideline Gurus feel faint?

Each of the list boxes should be selectable.  The HI method to do this
is to draw a broder around the list box that is currently selected.
Check out the PPC connection dialog for the correct use of two lists
with type ahead (I think) in a single dialog box.  Pressing tab moves
between list boxes. Ahh, an even better example:  check out the

no code, sorry.

John Louch
Cisco Systems, Inc.