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Re: customizing MCL

    what is the function that corresponds to M-x?  
    i'd like to bind M-x to a single keystroke.

There isn't a M-x command in FRED, I believe.
    also, there seems to be no 'describe-key-binding
    function in fred, as there is in unix (name might
    not be exactly right).  is this true (i hope not)?
You can do something like:

  (comtab-get-key *comtab* '(:control #\a)) 

to get the definition for c-a.  There is also a
comtab-key-documentation function.

    and i'd also like to bind C-x to a single keystroke.
    in emacs, i had to write a small function to do this.
    does such a function exist in MCL?
I tried this:

  (comtab-set-key *comtab* #\` (comtab-get-key *comtab* '(:control #\x)))

and it seems to work.