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I have uploaded a lisp file to cambridge.apple.com

This code enables you to lookup THINK Reference (TM) from Fred editor.
If you load this file, the lookup function ed-think-reference is bound to m-r.
The Original code is posted to info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com on 12/1/1993
by Jeffrey B Kane (jbk@world.std.com).
I added some faculties
 * to launch THINK Reference (TM) if you have not loaded it yet.
 * to remember where THINK Reference (TM) is.
 * to get the current S expression and lookup if it is a symbol.
 * to handle appleevent-error and display its message to mini-buffer.
This program makes a text file "Think Reference Path" at your ccl folder.

Special thanks for Jeffery.

----- Thanks -----
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