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Re: class deleting

At  6:45 PM 6/23/94 +0100, Mathieu Lafourcade wrote:
>How can i get rid of a class?
> Take for exemple the symbol 'window, I want to deleted the class
>associated to this symbol. Fmakunbound doesn't seems to work.
>the only thing I found is the unstandard
>        (ccl::delete-temporary-class   'window)

(setf (find-class 'window) nil)

This will cause (find-class 'window) to error.
It won't remove the class from the class-direct-superclasses
or class-direct-subclasses lists of other classes in the system,
nor will it remove it from the method-specializers lists of any

I hope you picked the "window" class just for expository purposes.
Undefining it will likely make your MCL flaky.