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Re: MCL on PowerBook 540

At  3:49 PM 6/30/94 +0200, Marc Domenig wrote:
>I just got a PowerBook 540 with 36 MB of RAM, which I have
>bought primarily because of MCL. Unfortunately, MCL does not
>run as carefree as I hoped: I could load all applications,
>including a very large one which creates an image of 4.5 MB.
>Unfortunately, this latter application crashes the machine
>with error message -491 in one particular situation, even
>though we are running MCL 2.01. If the same application is
>loaded on a quadra 700, 900, 950, 840AV, it doesn't crash.
>Are there any new patches which we might have overlooked?
>Marc Domenig

System error -491 is a result of a #_debugstr trap when you
don't have a debugger installed.  If you install Macsbug you
should be able to see what string was intended to be printed out
in the debugger.

If you need Macsbug, I'll be happy to mail you a copy (as well as
tell you what commands to perform to collect information about
what's going on).

BTW, I added bug-mcl@cambridge.apple.com as a CC on this message,
so that this would get archived.