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Invisible files in copy protection

>Invisible files are considered to be in bad taste. They're not
>very secret, since anyone with ResEdit can create them, make
>them visible, etc. (see the "get file/folder info" command).
>If you want to reduce clutter for naive users, try storing
>information in a Preferences file for your app, in the
>Preferences subfolder inside your system folder.
>Check out New Inside Macintosh:Files page 1-36 for more on
>finding the Preferences folder in a language-independent way
>(i.e. use #_FindFolder).
I'm currently evaluating copy protection schemes where
secret information is the essential component.
Storing information in System resource could be a solution,
but if you are having a virus protection which informs such
operations, that would not work. So, invisible files or
blocks on disk shielded from the normal system seems to be
the only alternative.