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Re: Help

At  3:51 PM 7/8/94 -0700, Frank E Stock wrote:
 >To anyone out there,
 >I'd like to subscribe to the Dylan mailing list; unfortunately I do not
 >have the address. I used to be able to request such information from
 >info-request@cambridge.apple.com but that does'nt seem to work at the

To subscribe to any list at our machine, just send to
majordomo@cambridge.apple.com. This mail robot goes by many names,
 info-mcl-digest-request@cambridge.apple.com, etc.

The body of the message should contain simply
    subscribe info-dylan <your name>

or whichever list it is you want to subscribe to. For more information
about majordomo, just send "help" or "info" in the message body.

If you have access to netnews, you can read info-dylan on
comp.lang.dylan, and info-mcl is on comp.lang.lisp.mcl.