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Re: European problem with dongles..

Peter Stone  psto@hacktic.nl  wrote:

>and instead of that I'll consider changing the dongle
>supplier. If you know other dongle manufactures besides
>Microguard they are welcome. The protocol in Microsequritys
>key writing all that callbacks flies over my capability,
>so I'd appreciate some MCL friedly solutions.

I am using Rainbow's Sentinel Eve3 dongle with my MCL application
and have had no problems.
The dongle can be programmed easily in C or Pascal, and it is
easy to make suitable foreign function calls from Lisp which work
exactly the same way.
I could send you about 15 lines of code demonstrating the
Pascal-to-Lisp definitions that I use. (e-mail me for this,
but you would need to have the eve3 manual to understand what the
original function calls do. I can't send you those details).
I don't really know Pascal myself, so this *must* be easy!
I have nothing to do with Rainbow. If you contact them, tell them
they can have an MCL interface to their dongle from me!!  :)

Rainbow Technologies phone Nos:

USA 714 454 2100
UK (44) 932 570066
Germany (49) 89 32 17 98 0
France (33) 1 47 38 21 21

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