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Re: Invisible files in copy protection

In message <9407082030.AA22687@cambridge.apple.com> Steve Strassmann writes:
> People generally have a very strong dislike for software-based
> copy protection schemes, mostly because they tend to interact
> If you're serious about copy protection, I'd recommend you try
> a hardware approach. Several companies offer "dongles" that
> plug into the ADB port, they do the job and are relatively
> non-intrusive. Try Microguard (M.GUARD@applelink.apple.com)
Don't ever do this! Don't you know that there are Macs without
ADB ports like the DUOs? 
People generally have a very strong dislike for dongle-based
copy protection schemes, and for that, for any
copy protection, because in the long run any such scheme will
make severe problems to those users who *did not* pirate.

Please excuse me for abusing info-mcl for a copy protection discussion.


rudolf mittelmann

systems theory
Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria Europe