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Problems setting Scroll-bar Max Value

Hi.  When I set the Max slot of a Scroll-bar-dialog-item, it works fine,
UNTIL I bring the 'setting' up to the top (i.e. zero).  At that point, and
only at that point, the Max value gets reset back to its original setting.
I checked this using an 'inspect' window, as well as using the functions
set-scroll-bar-max, set-scroll-bar-setting, etc.  Assuming that this is
the correct place to send this message (according to the manual), is this
a known bug, am I doing something wrong, and/or is there a patch?  If
needed, I can send a code example.  I don't subscribe to this mailing
list (perhaps I'll start doing so now) -- so please reply back to me
at rad@bellcore.com.  Apologies if I'm breaking protocol -- let me know,
and I'll post in the desired manner.

				Thanks, Ron