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Newgroup Request For Discussion


                    Expert Systems in Developing Countries
			News Group Creation Proposal

Currently existing news groups in the area of Artificial Intelligence
provide very interesting materials regarding fundamentals of AI, research
tools, bibliography, etc. (e.g. comp.ai of Usenet). This proposed group will
focus on practical issues concerning the expert system development,
providing basic information to scientists from other disciplines who are
beginning to use expert system technology in their research and development

This news group will have the following objectives:

   - Support for direct communication between research groups.

   - Identification of individuals and research institutions developing
     expert systems.

   - Identification of similar projects and areas of application.

   - Providing information and exchanging experience about expert system
     tools and development methodologies.

   - Supporting communication of joint projects.

The group will be in accordance to Internet/Usenet rules and the proposed
name is:


It will also be a moderated group.  This means that not all contributions
will be posted but only those which help to achieve the objectives already
mentioned.  The moderators will be

	Luis Araiza <laraiza@campus.mty.itesm.mx>, and
	Horacio Martinez <hmartine@campus.mty.itesm.mx>

The Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in
Monterrey, Mexico will host and moderate the group under a grant by the
International Development Research Centre from Canada.

If you have any comments about this proposal, please post to the
corresponding news group and also to the following email address: