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** CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository **

My apologies if you see this announcement multiple times. We had some network
problems and it doesn't seem to have appeared after three days. I am 
cross-posting it to several newsgroups, because I believe it is relevant to
each newsgroup.


			   ** ANNOUNCING **

	      + CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository +
	      +                  and                   +
	      +       Prime Time Freeware for AI       +

			      July 1994

The CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository was established by Carnegie
Mellon University to contain public domain and freely distributable
software, publications, and other materials of interest to AI researchers,
educators, students, and practitioners.  The AI Repository currently
contains more than a gigabyte of material and is growing steadily.

The AI Repository is accessible for free by anonymous FTP, AFS, and WWW.
A selection of materials from the AI Repository is also being published
on CD-ROM by Prime Time Freeware and should be available for purchase 
at AAAI-94 or direct by mail or fax from Prime Time Freeware (see below).

Accessing the AI Repository:

To access the AI Repository by anonymous FTP, ftp to:
   ftp.cs.cmu.edu  []
and cd to the directory:
Use username "anonymous" (without the quotes) and type your email
address (in the form "user@host") as the password.

To access the AI Repository by AFS (Andrew File System), use the directory:

To access the AI Repository by WWW, use the URL:

Be sure to read the files 0.doc and readme.txt in this directory.

Contents of the AI Repository:

The AI Repository has the following main directories:

   lang/	AI Programming Languages
   areas/	AI Software Packages
   util/	Compression and Archiving Utilities
   events/	Calendar of Events, Conference Calls
   pubs/	Publications, including technical reports, books,
		mail/news archives

The AI Programming Languages and the AI Software Packages sections of
the repository are "complete".  The other directories are in varying
states of completion.

The AI Programming Languages section contains hundreds of
implementations and support routines for AI programming languages,
including Common Lisp, Prolog, Scheme, and Smalltalk. It also includes
a variety of useful utilities, such as graphical user interfaces
(GUI), object-oriented programming extensions, and other software
development tools.

The AI Software Packages section includes subdirectories for:

   agents/      Intelligent Agent Architectures 
   alife/       Artificial Life and Complex Adaptive Systems
   anneal/      Simulated Annealing
   blackbrd/    Blackboard Architectures
   bookcode/    Code From AI Textbooks
   ca/          Cellular Automata
   classics/    Classical AI Programs
   constrnt/    Constraint Processing
   dai/         Distributed AI
   discover/    Discovery and Data-Mining
   doc/         Documentation
   edu/         Educational Tools
   expert/      Expert Systems/Production Systems
   faq/         Frequently Asked Questions
   fuzzy/       Fuzzy Logic
   games/       Game Playing
   genetic/     Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, 
		Evolutionary Programming 
   icot/        ICOT Free Software
   kr/          Knowledge Representation, Semantic Nets, Frames, ...
   learning/    Machine Learning
   misc/        Miscellaneous AI
   music/       Music
   neural/      Neural Networks, Connectionist Systems, Neural Systems
   nlp/         Natural Language Processing (Natural Language
		Understanding, Natural Language Generation, Parsing,
		Morphology, Machine Translation)
   planning/    Planning, Plan Recognition
   reasonng/    Reasoning (Analogical Reasoning, Case Based Reasoning,
		Defeasible Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, Medical Reasoning, 
		Probabilistic Reasoning, Qualitative Reasoning, Temporal
	        Reasoning, Theorem Proving/Automated Reasoning, Truth
   robotics/    Robotics
   search/      Search
   speech/      Speech Recognition and Synthesis
   testbeds/    Planning/Agent Testbeds
   vision/      Computer Vision

The repository has standardized on using 'tar' for producing archives
of files and 'gzip' for compression.

Keyword Searching of the AI Repository:

To search the keyword index by mail, send a message to:
with one or more lines containing calls to the KEYS command, such as:
   keys lisp iteration
in the message body. Keywords may be regular expressions and are
compared with the index in a case-insensitive fashion. All of the
keywords must match a package for it to be included in the response,
which you'll receive by return mail. Do not include anything else in
the Subject line of the message or in the message body.  For help on
the query mail server, include:

A Mosaic interface to the keyword searching program is in the works.  We
also plan to make the source code (including indexes) to this program
available, as soon as it is stable.

Contributing Materials to the AI Repository:

Contributions of software and other materials are always welcome, but
must be accompanied by an unambiguous copyright statement that grants
permission for free use, copying, and distribution, such as:

   -  a declaration that the materials are in the public domain, or

   -  a copyright notice that states that the materials are subject to
      the GNU General Public License (cite version), or

   -  some other copyright notice (we will tell you if the copying
      permissions are too restrictive for us to include the materials
      in the repository)

Inclusion of materials in the repository does not modify their copyright
status in any way.

As a general rule, we will only consider materials which include full
source code, unless there is a very compelling reason for binary-only

Materials may be placed in:
When you put anything in this directory, please send mail to
ai+contrib@cs.cmu.edu giving us permission to distribute the files, and
state whether this permission is just for the AI Repository, or also
includes publication on the CD-ROM version (Prime Time Freeware for AI). 

We would appreciate if you would include a 0.doc file for your package;
see /user/ai/new/package.doc for a template.  (If you don't have the
time to write your own, we can write it for you based on the
information in your package.)

Prime Time Freeware for AI (CD-ROM):

A portion of the contents of the repository is published annually by
Prime Time Freeware. The first issue consists of two ISO-9660 CD-ROMs
bound into a 224-page book.  Each CD-ROM contains approximately 600
megabytes of gzipped archives (more than 2 gigabytes uncompressed and
unpacked).  Prime Time Freeware for AI is particularly useful for folks
who do not have FTP access, but may also be useful as a way of saving
disk space and avoiding annoying FTP searches and retrievals.

Prime Time Freeware helped establish the CMU AI Repository, and sales
of Prime Time Freeware for AI will continue to help support the
maintenance and expansion of the repository.  It sells (list) for US$60
plus applicable sales tax and shipping and handling charges.  Payable
through Visa, MasterCard, postal money orders in US funds, and checks
in US funds drawn on a US bank. For further information on Prime Time
Freeware for AI and other Prime Time Freeware products, please contact:

   Prime Time Freeware
   370 Altair Way, Suite 150
   Sunnyvale, CA 94086  USA

   Tel:    +1 408-433-9662
   Fax:    +1 408-433-0727
   E-mail: ptf@cfcl.com

AI Repository Archivist:

The AI Repository was established by Mark Kantrowitz in 1993 as an
outgrowth of the Lisp Utilities Repository (established 1990) and his
work on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) postings for the AI, Lisp,
Scheme, and Prolog newsgroups.  The Lisp Utilities Repository has been
merged into the AI Repository.

Bug reports, comments, questions and suggestions concerning a
particular software package should be sent to the address indicated by
the author.

Bug reports, comments, questions and suggestions concerning the repository
should be sent to 

   Mark Kantrowitz
   School of Computer Science
   Carnegie Mellon University
   5000 Forbes Avenue
   Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891

   Fax:    +1 412-681-5739
   E-mail: AI.Repository@cs.cmu.edu