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Advanced Lisp Book

Last week I found an interesting looking book on advanced techniques
for Common Lisp.  This message isn't a book review (because I have
only started reading it), but I've been jumping around in it and the
book does have some good material, especially on writing macros.

 "On Lisp: Advanced Techniques for Common Lisp"
     by Paul Graham
     1994, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632
     ISBN 0-13-030552-9

Chapters 1-6 discuss functions.  Chapters 7-10 are a tutuorial on
macro writing.  Chapters 11-18 discuss building abstractions with
macros, and the remainder of the book discusses embedded languages.

It is 413 pages long and I bought my copy for about $25.  Also, the
code in the book is available via anonymous ftp.

Here is the table of contents:

   1. The Extensible Language
   2. Functions
   3. Functional Programming
   4. Utility Functions
   5. Returning Functions
   6. Functions as Representation
   7. Macros
   8. When to Use Macros
   9. Variable Capture
  10. Other Macro Pitfalls
  11. Classic Macros
  12. Generalized Variables
  13. Computation at Compile-Time
  14. Anaphoric Macros
  15. Macros Returning Functions
  16. Macro-Defining Macros
  17. Read-Macros
  18. Destructuring
  19. A Query Compiler
  20. Continuations
  21. Multiple Processes
  22. Nondeterminism
  23. Parsing with ATNs
  24. Prolog
  25. Object-Oriented Lisp
  APPENDIX: Packages

Al Reich
Lockheed - Austin Division