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Re: Voting with our wallets

I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed by Shannon Spires
in this little thread.

I had been wondering if the question of porting had been forgotten.

  MCL native on PowerPC  =  MCL thrives  =  Apple have not gone blind.

  No PowerPC port  =  MCL soon dies   =   Apple ....???

If it dies, I port to something like a PC Lisp implementation (God Help Me, 
a year of work to end up with an inferior product..), because there
is NO WAY I'm committing to something like Dylan. Lisp has been around
since before fortran, so maybe around the year 2030 I'll consider switching
to Dylan.

I was aware of certain moves (I cannot specify) which were going on to
try and get the PPC port going. They seem to have gone very quiet,
and I am extremely worried.

We have had no recent statements from Apple. It's time they (and others)
spoke up.
We have to develop our own strategic plans, too.

Dimitri (fuming).

Dimitri Simos, Lissys Ltd.  Tel&Fax: UK (+44) 509 235620