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An open letter to APPLE.

Dear wonderful Apple,

You know how much I love you, and I have always let others know that I think 
you are the best. You had a language called MCL (Macintosh Common Lisp) that
could blow the socks off any other pretenders with its richness and power
of development. Then you gave us a Powerbook 180c so we could run our MCL baby
on our knees, show it to other people, and watch their jaws bounce off the
We were snug as a bug in a rug.

Now you have gone and chucked MCL out with the bath-water, and told us
that you can't be bothered to port it to the PowerPC and so ya-boo, you are
on your own you stupid little developers, nah. But no, keeping us off the PPC
was not enough: So you have also taken away our Powerbook 180c and replaced it
with a gutless pathetic 540c, 68LCO40 with ** NO FPU **!!!, so when we try
to run
anything scientific, all the people around us fall asleep.

After having been in bed with you for so long, we would find it so
difficult to get used to any other computer makers...

Please come back to us !!!!!!!

Dimitri Simos, Lissys Ltd.  Tel&Fax: UK (+44) 509 235620