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Re: MCL on Quadra 610

At  1:22 PM 7/29/94 +0000, Chien Arnold wrote:
>When I try to run MCL 2.0p2 on my Quadra 610 (12M RAM) I get a lot of system
>crashes and stack overflows (right away, not at the end of a long session).
>For instance, if I accidentally type in a form with an unbound variable,
>instead of an error message I get "[stacks reset due to overflow]".  Is 2.0p2
>inherently not able to run on the 610?  Is there a patch I can use?

The individual patch you need is called "Centris-without-FPU" and requires
resedit to install.  However, you should consider upgrading to 2.0.1, which
includes this and many other fixes.  Both the Centris-without-FPU patch
and the upgrade to 2.0.1 are available from ftp.cambridge.apple.com, under
/pub/MCL2/patches/.  You'll either have to do the upgrade on another machine
besides the Quadra 610 or install the Centris-without-FPU patch before doing
the upgrade.

(Note, you can also upgrade to 2.0.1 from APDA, in which case for your $25
you'll get the entire new CD-ROM, with updated contributed code, etc.)