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Dear Apple,

Even though the volume of email on porting MCL to native PowerPC has gone
way down, I am sure that the frustration and anger of MCL (and Macintosh)
users is greater than ever.  

If you were committed to a PowerPC port, I would be an 8100 owner today. 
If the new 5xx notebooks had an FPU and you were committed to a PowerPC 
port,  I would own one today.  I would also own a Laserwriter to go with
them.  I would also use them for the hundreds of computers my programs run
on at the large international company I work for.  

Your MCL on ice decision leads to the worst sort of frustration because we
are Power(PC)less to change the situation.  It is worse than being in a
plane that has left the gate only for the pilot to announce that he has
missed his takeoff slot so the whole planeload of customers will have to
wait an unknown amount of time on the tarmac while the control tower tries
to find a new takeoff slot.  At least in that situation the airline staff
let the passengers know what is going on, serves them  drinks and a meal... 
and if the situation lasts too long, the airline sorts out hotels and
alternative flight arrangements for everyone for free.