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Apple give us a sign - PLEASE!

The  Email below to Alice Hartley (Apple ATG) bounced. Anybody left in the
sinking MCL boat caring to answer? I know Apple is talking to some unnamed
company about porting MCL to the PowerPC. Apple, PLEASE give the
increasingly frustrated MCL community some signs about your plans with MCL!
At this point any sign is better than the agony of waiting for something
that may never happen.


>we met at WWDC, I gave a demo at the ATG extravaganza about Agentsheets.
>How are things?
>We like to distribute Agentsheets but have some questions.
>1) If we give Agentsheets (a MCL image) to somebody having a MCL license, do
>   we need to take out anything. We would prefer not to.
>   Are we on the save side (legally) if they fax us a MCL license?
>2) Editor and Compiler are essential to Agentsheets. Is there anything else
>we could take out. The tension here would be that we would like to take out
>as little as possible, whereas you would probably like to take out as much
>as possible. Should we think about a "custom redistribution agreement" (see
>Email below)?
>Given the sad, political, state MCL is in I don't know how much you would
>have to be concerned that people would misuse applications, such as
>Agentsheets, as general purpose Lisp environments. Since we would not be
>including MCL libraries, examples and most importantly documentation there
>is not much one could be doing with the underlying MCL.
>Are there any signals about the future of MCL? In Washington we got to demo
>Agentsheets in front of leading educators in the US. It crashed bad on
>PowerPCs. Should we give up hope for PowerPC-MCL?
>Btw, does Apple actually believe that developers are waiting for Dyllan
>(the postfix version maybe). As you can probably tell that we are getting a
>bit frustrated here, sorry for being frank.

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