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question about error signaling

I've been playing around with the common lisp condition system and was 
wondering to what degree MCL 2.0.1 conformed to the pseudo-standard
in CLtL2. I've successfully created my own conditions and am able to trap
them, but when I tried to trap MCL's end-of-file condition I'm unable 
to catch it.  (handler-case (exp)
	 		(end-of-file () blah))
Does MCL output signals in that way? Or is there some way I can catch it?

I've written an app that gets user input, and if they leave a parethesis off
when I do a (read-from-string blah) MCL bombs with an error: 
> Error: Unexpected end of file encountered.
> While executing: CCL::%READ-FORM
> Type Command-. to abort.
See the RestartsI menu item for further choices.
3 > 
which is totally expected. Can I catch this error in some way?


Andrew Begel
MIT Media Lab
Epistemology and Learning