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MCL 2.01 and the Radius Rocket 25 (IIcx)

I have just gotten the Radius Rocket 25 for my Mac IIcx.  MCL 2.01 has
been running fine with the IIcx for a year now.  However, with the
Radius Rocket 25, I keep getting an unimplemented trap error when I
try to start it.  I patched the MCL 2.01 with the MMU4-for-IIci using
ResEdit and still get the same problem.

The System software is 7.1.  And the Radius Rocketware is 1.5.

I would appreciate any suggestions and comments to resolve this
problem.  The reason I got the Rocket Radius is to run MCL, and it
has been a very frustrated experience.  Everything else seems to run