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Search Files -- in current folder only

At  2:36 AM 8/8/94 +0000, Paul Shannon wrote:
 >I'm not so familiar with pathnames and wildcards on the MacOS,
 >having been weaned on unix.  When I pop up the "Search Files"
 >dialog from the MCL Tools menu, the first dialog box looks like this:
 >  In Pathname    ccl:*;*.lisp
 >I've experimented, looked unsuccessfully at CLtL2, and not yet discovered
 >a brief way to set the pathname to "current folder" or "current folder
 >and below".

Use the syntax ccl:**;*.lisp to search the ccl folder and all folders
below it.  Putting **;*.lisp as the last thing in the pathname does this.
For example, to search every folder within and below MCL's library
folder, use the syntax ccl:library**;*.lisp 
Look again at section of CLtL2 for more info.
Shannon Spires
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