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FWD>mcl dying immediately a

Subject:   FWD>mcl dying immediately after file save
ok, i've narrowed the problem down and figured away around it. Now, I need
to understand it.  The problem occurs after ccl::window-save-position exits 
but before window-save-file exits.  If I trace these with :before :break and 
:after :break, it does not cause lisp to fail!  For some reason, between 
window-save-position and window-save-file, there is a disk access locally
although the file that I'm saving is not local!  I think the problem may be 
timing, but I cannot understand the local disk access.  There's only 4
commands during which the error could occur!  The disassembly shows
224 (JSR #'ccl::window-save-position)
230 (move.l dsave0 d0)
232 (spop vsp)
234 (movem.l (vsp -8) #(dsave1 dsave0))
240 (rts)

Date: 8/11/94 12:30 AM
From: Don Mitchell
my mcl is dying immediate after file saves. I thought that it was because
I had forgotten the ptable extension; however, even now that I'm using it,
I've still experienced consistent crashes.  (It did work briefly after I added
ptable to my extensions.)   I had no problems until I turned
off virtual memory and brought my ram upto 32 MB.  Running a Quadra 840AV.
mcl 2.0.1. HW update 2.0.1. Mac OS 7.1 (I believe). My lisp memory allocation
is 12MB, running with egc on or off.

It seems related to having a lot of code loaded.  That is, I can save files
without problems before I load my systems. It occurs immediately after
the file is physically saved.  Within window-save-file, it is dying between
buffer-write-file (which completes successfully) and
window-save-position. (*save-fred-buffer-positions* is t.)

The files are all on a Windows NT/AS server.

I'm getting a variety of excuses from the finder for the application quiting
unexpectedly (type 3 last time).  We've run maccheck and snooper on the 

One time with egc off and with tracing window-save and 
window-save-file using :before :break and :after :break.  When it went
into window-save-file, a notification box (non-dismissable) came up
saying 'Status of " Listener": preparing document' and froze my machine.

Any ideas? (I've tried recopying the Lisp image)

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