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Re: PPC-Native Common Lisp?

In article <Aug15.223348.30827@rs540.ncu.edu.tw> cheng@mbox.ee.ncu.edu.tw (Wen-Cheng Wang) writes:

   I heard that MCL will not go native. Is that true?
   If it is true, is there any other company will port CL to PPC?
   Our lab is considering to buy 30 PowerMacs, if we can get PPC-native

My understanding is that the PowerPC instruction set is only a slight
variation on the IBM RS/6000 instruction set.  Multiple vendors (e.g.,
Harlequin and Franz) support CL on the RS/6000.  Hence, your question
more likely boils down to, Does any vendor plan to port their CL to
the PowerMac in particular (i.e., to the Mac operating system)?  I
don't know the answer, but I assume that it couldn't hurt to write to
or speak with the vendors and express your interest.
        Lawrence G. Mayka
        AT&T Bell Laboratories

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