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sequence-dialog-item scroll and grow bugs?

Eval the below code in MCL 2.
For the sequence-dialog-item:

- Despite the fact that hscrollp is t, the horizontal scroll bar is
grayed-out and inoperative, even though the full strings of the
items are not shown.

- Also there is no grow icon, just an empty white square in the
lower right corner of the sequence-dialog item. Dragging
it has no effect.

(make-instance 'window
  :view-subviews (list (make-instance 'sequence-dialog-item
                         :view-size #@(50 40)
                         :table-sequence '("abcdefghijklmn"
                         :table-vscrollp t
                         :table-hscrollp t                        
                         :grow-icon-p t)))

Advice greatly appreciated.