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Quadra 840 AV & MCL over a server.

Does anyone know why a Quadra 840AV cannot access MCL2 and MCL-based
saved applications over AppleShare v.3?

- The 840AV is connected to the network via its built-in EtherTalk.
- We are using the 7.1 version of the MacOS that shipped on the hardisk.

When we try to run the MCL2 or a saved application from a mounted
AppleShare server...

- We see constant net activity on the 840AV and none on the server.
- Quitting the application causes the 840AV to either crash or take ~ 5
min. to break its connection with all mounted server volumes.
- none of the other machines in the work group have the same problem.
(Note: the 840AV giving us the trouble is our first).

We have verified that all of our other applications run on the AV over
AppleShare.  Only clean MCL2 and MCL2-based saved applications seem to
cause this behavior.

Have you ever encountered this type of problem?  If you know what is
causing this problem, could you please get in touch via email?

Be seeing you.

Scott Douglass,              sd3n+@andrew.cmu.edu
Department of Psychology,    Carnegie Mellon University