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Problem with System 7.5? (clarification)

>It looks like loading print-u causes this problem.  I have the latest version
>from contribs, and if I load it after MCL launches, I get the window closing
>problems for all windows described below.  I guess I need to look into the
>patches it makes to window-close.
>If anyone has any ideas, or can either verify or refute my claim, please let
>me know.

The problem has apparently vaninshed.  Even though yesterday I tried
everything I could think of to make sure that the problem was repeatable
before bothering anyone about it.

I rebooted with extensions off, there was no problem.  Then I loaded
print-u, and the problem appeared.  I did this several times (both with and
without extensions), and the problem always appeared after print-u was

I didn't change anything last night (that I know of), but today the bug is gone.

Thanks anyway, and sorry for what appears to have been a false alarm,