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Re: resource

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Not sure I understand your problem, and what you mean by "loading."  Here's a
straightforward way of setting a default directory:

    (set-mac-default-directory (nth n (directory "*:myDirectory:" 
:directories t :files nil)))

Opening a resource file in that directory:

    (with-pstrs ((res_file ":myFile"))
      (#_UseResFile (#_OpenResFile res_file)))

And accessing resources in that file given their resource IDs:

    (#_GetResource "snd " id)
    (#_GetResource "PICT" id)

I usually attach my resources to the image itself.  You can do it using the
save-application command (the easy way) or copy them over by hand in ResEdit.  

Date: 8/16/1994 1:29 PM
To: Steve Casner
From: howell@cats.ucsc.edu

I am looking for the best way to load a resource from an
MCL-built application.  I need to create a pathname which will
load this resource during startup when the resource is at the
same level as the application but all other names are
unknown (and MCL is probably not on the machine being used).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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