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Re: Desk scrap lost when using appleScript to switch&paste

At  5:05 PM 8/18/94 +0000, MATTHEW CORNELL wrote:
 >Dear Folks:
 >I trying to use a word processor to log text and graphics generated by
 >an MCL program. I'm using Tom Bonura's applescript.lisp to tell the
 >application to activate and paste. Before running the script I
 >PUT-SCRAP the data (text for now) so that the right thing will be
 >pasted. However, what's actually pasted is old data, from when I last
 >manually switched between programs. What's the deal? 

Which word processor are you using? Many of them, most notoriously
Microsoft Word, violate the scrap guidelines. Does this work with
Word Perfect, SimpleText, TeachText, or MacWrite (II or Pro)?