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am I stupid? I crashed my Mac 10 times with 9 lines of code.

   >My version of MacTCP.lisp is dated March 20, 1992 (is this the latest?).
   >My version of the system extension is 2.04 (the latest I think).

   Be sure you have updated your Ethernet and AppleTalk drivers. Earlier
   versions of Ethernet drivers (< 2.5.6) and AppleTalk (< 58.1.2) and MacTCP
   (< 2.0.4) have been unreliable and sometimes unexplicably slow, especially
   on Quadras with cache enabled. The new versions of the drivers are
   available on the Network Software Installer disk v 1.4.2 or better. It was
   available from ftp.apple.com, although that server may have been renamed

This is a Quadra 800 and I have 2.5.6 Ethernet and 58.1.2 AppleTalk
and the latest MacTCP, so we can't blame it on that.  I still wonder
if my MacTCP.lisp is the latest.