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Re: CLtL2 now available for ftp

In article <330h4a$2ac@deimos.cs.utexas.edu> siddarth@cs.utexas.edu (Siddarth Subramanian) writes:
>In article <BRENT.BENSON.94Aug18141824@jade.csd.harris.com>,
>Brent Benson <Brent.Benson@mail.csd.harris.com> wrote:
>>straz@cambridge.apple.com (Steve Strassmann) writes:
>># I'm very happy to announce that the complete sources (in TeX)
>># to Guy Steele's Common Lisp book are now available by anonymous
>># ftp from Apple. 
>>I'm not able to latex the book because a macro called \ifchiron is
>>undefined.  Does anybody know what this is?
>We're having problems here as well - something with the style file.
>Could someone make a postscript version (or one per chapter) available
>as well?  I know it's enormous but latex seems to vary a lot between
>sites whereas postscript should work everywhere.

I wish!  For instance, I can't print the PostScript Dylan Interim
Manual correctly.