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Re: PPC-Native Common Lisp?

In article <LGM.94Aug22105554@polaris.ih.att.com> lgm@polaris.ih.att.com (Lawrence G. Mayka) writes:

> ...  I also suspect that
> other things being equal, vendors would probably prefer to port their
> current CL implementations to the PowerMac (perhaps with an MCL
> compatibility package) rather than porting MCL per se.

Your suspicions are correct.  Representatives from Franz and Harlequin at
LUV last week said that there's no way they're going to port MCL to the
PowerPC; trying to do something reasonable with the large amount of 68K
assembler in MCL when they already have good RISC compilers makes no
economic sense.  Both expressed some interest in porting their own
environments to the PowerPC running MacOS (but neither seemed to be very
excited about that market).

                                                        -- rar