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Re: PPC-Native Common Lisp?

>Here are Harlequin's and Franz's addresses from the comp.lang.lisp
>FAQ.  I suspect that concrete statements like "I would buy x copies of
>Common Lisp for the PowerMac at y dollars apiece" are more persuasive
>than "I might have to use a PowerMac someday."  I also suspect that
>other things being equal, vendors would probably prefer to port their
>current CL implementations to the PowerMac (perhaps with an MCL
>compatibility package) rather than porting MCL per se.

Wouldn't it be better to encourage Paradigm since they've already picked
up one of the Corel products (Logo)? They might be a darkhorse, but they've
shown commitment to the Mac once before by saving a product.


Fred Terry, The Alta Group, pfterry@lks.csi.com, +1 913/841-1283