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Req. advice on installation of MCL2.0 on PowerPC

My name is Alfredo Maeda from the University of Tokushima
in Japan, and I am a first time user of this e-mail based
MCL discussion group.

At my laboratory we have been doing research using MCL on 
diverse Macintosh platforms for a couple of years.  MCL 
had run fine until I installed it on a PowerPC 8100/80AV. 
Regardless of what I do (use virtual memory, install the
Ptable, etc.) every time I invoke MCL the system bombs
and sends system error 7, after which the only thing
I can do is reset the computer :-<

I will very much appreciate any comments on what to do
to get MCL running on my PowerPC.

Greetings to all members of the discussion group.