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Q:MCL,FoxPro,and AppleScript: can they cooperate?

I'd like to write an application in MCL that makes use of data coming from
a FoxPro database.  I was planning on using Applescript to allow MCL to
send an SQL query to FoxPro, have FoxPro run the query, and then send the 
results back to MCL.  This is proving much more difficult than I anticipated.
For one thing, although FoxPro 2.5 claims to be AppleScriptable, this is only
in the very weakest sense of the term (as far as I can tell).  It would be
nice for AppleScript to be able to refer to FoxPro objects, but this is not
possible.  It looks as if I can have MCL write a file with an SQL query in
it, and then FoxPro can run it and print the results to another file, which
MCL can then read.  Yuck!  Is the way it has to be done?!?

Has anyone tried anything like this?  Should I be looking into other Mac
database products?  Any feedback appreciated!

-Kathryn Schmitt
University of Chicago
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory