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Re: CLtL2 now available for ftp

In article <BRENT.BENSON.94Aug18141824@jade.csd.harris.com> Brent.Benson@csd.harris.com (Brent Benson) writes:

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   Date: 18 Aug 1994 18:18:24 GMT
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   straz@cambridge.apple.com (Steve Strassmann) writes:
   # I'm very happy to announce that the complete sources (in TeX)
   # to Guy Steele's Common Lisp book are now available by anonymous
   # ftp from Apple. 

   I'm not able to latex the book because a macro called \ifchiron is
   undefined.  Does anybody know what this is?

   (I've already done my duty and bought a copy of CLtL2---I want an
   online copy as well.)

   Brent Benson                     
   Harris Computer Systems

My guess is that it refers to Chiron, which as I recall is a company in
Cambridge that creates printing masters from tex or dvi or ps files.
Therefore, unless you want to print on a 1000dpi device (or the like) you
can probably comment out whatever \ifchiron inserts.  I have not, however,
tried to run tex on the manual, so this is pure speculation.