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Re: CLtL2 now available for ftp

>! Undefined control sequence.
>\startmargin ->\PostScriptFile
>                               {BlackBars.ps}

This sounds like one of the many non-standard ways of including PostScript
in a TeX file.  I believe this one concerns the creation of the black and
dotted side-bars that CLtL2 uses to mark changes from and obsolescence of
text in the original volume.

The file marginal.tex begins with a commented-out
that probably used to define the \PostScripFile command.  I am (herewith)
asking Guy Steele if he would be kind enough to post this file.

I also suggested to straz that a conversion of CLtL2 to Apple Docviewer
format would make a convenient companion to the MCL documentation, which
already comes in that form.  He claims that the tools are available, though
balky, and Apple doesn't have resources to do it.  I think volunteers would
be welcome and could get help with the tools.

--Pete Szolovits